Multi instrumentalist Linus Andersson is a Stockholm based film composer and music producer. Born 1983 in the rural hinterland of northern Sweden, Dalarna. The tranquility and silence of the countryside setting evoked an early interest in music. He started playing the trumpet at age 9 but changed it for the guitar a couple of years later.

While playing guitar in several bands during the early years he spent almost every spare minute working in the studio, writing and recording new songs. A great passion for the unique sound combined with a natural approach to understanding technology and electronics inspired to make use of the recording studio as an actual instrument itself.

Since 2009, Linus has written the music score on several films, TV series, short films and commercials, including the features “The Heart” by director Fanni Metelius and “The Pink Cloud Syndrome” by Alexis Almström, both of which will premiere in 2018.

Linus has a Masters degree in Film Music Composition from The Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH). In addition he also has a Bachelor in Music and Media Production.

With his technical background combined with a sensitive ear he is also frequently hired as a music mixer by some of the most prominent composers in the area.

Katharina Nuttall is a film composer, artist and music producer, born July the 14th 1972 in Drammen, Norway. Nuttall lives in Stockholm, Sweden but is a Norwegian citizen with a Norwegian mother and a father from the UK. Katharina is educated in Stockholm with a Master degree in Film music composition from The Royal College of Music (KMH) and Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. In addition she has a Master degree in Performing arts and media with a major in Sound Art from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Since her debut 2006 with the feature ”Rosa the movie” (SF) she has written the music score for several film projects such as short movies, features, documentaries, tv and commercials. She is currently writing the music for a number of projects, among them director Fanni Metelius feature movie ”The Heart” and director Hampus Linder´s upcoming movie ”The Feminist” about the feminist initiative leader Gudrun Schyman. Katharina is also writing the music for the films ”Josefin and Florin” by directors Ellen Fiske and Joanna Karlberg, ”En armé av älskande” by Ingrid Rydberg and the movie ”Passion” by director Maja Borg. All films to be released under 2018-2019.

As an artist she released her first solo album This Is How I Feel in 2007, followed by Cherry Flavour Substitute in 2008. Songs from the two albums were put together on the European release Cherry Flavour Substitute Limited Edition, an album that was awarded a German Record Critics Award in 2009. Cherry Flavour Substitute, the second album of the young swedish musician, released on her own label Frances Records, is a great success. On the one hand, it is melancholic, dark chamber pop, on the other hand, the eleven songs of the album glitter almost cinemascope-like orchestrated. Nuttalls voice sounds fragile and elfin, but at the same time it has the energy to be a match for stars such as Beth Gibbons (Portishead), Susan Janet Ballion (Siouxsie & The Banshees) or Polly Jean Harvey easily. An exquisite musical treasure, brilliant in every sense. Für die Jury: Jan Ulrich Welke In September 2010, Nuttall announced that she will be going back into the studio to work on a new album in collaboration with the English producer Head known for his longstanding working relationship with PJ Harvey. The album was released by the record label Novoton in Scandinavia on March the 23rd 2011, with the title Turn me on. Katharina Nuttall has also made her name as a music producer to other artists, most notably the norwegian artist Ane Brun. For more information about her work as an artist and music producer please visit the site http://www.katharinanuttall.com